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Limerick County Council Urges Waller to Reinstate Evicted Tenant's Representative |

Limerick County Council Urges Waller to Reinstate Evicted Tenant’s Representative

In a significant development at today’s meeting of the Limerick County Council, members voiced their concern over the upcoming auction of portions of the Waller estate in the county. Chaired by Mr W. H. Robbins, J.P., the council deliberated on the fate of the estate, with Mr John Coleman, J.P., bringing attention to a potential dual-pricing strategy that caught the council’s collective eye.

Mr Coleman noted that there were indications of the property being first auctioned off and then, once the sales were concluded, offered to the Estates Commissioners. This strategy, if successful, could lead to the realization of two different prices for the same property. In response to this concern, he proposed a resolution aimed at influencing Mr Waller’s approach to the sale.

The essence of Mr Coleman’s resolution was a call for Mr Waller to offer the property to the Estates Commissioners, with the explicit intention of distributing the land among small landholders and labourers in the locality. This move was perceived as a way to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of the valuable land resources.

However, Mr M. P. O’Shaughnessy, J.P., raised a point of contention during the discussion. He mentioned that he had information suggesting that Mr David Staughton, the son of a tenant evicted in 1867, was actively seeking to reclaim his father’s farm. This led Mr O’Shaughnessy to argue that the timing of Mr Coleman’s resolution might be inopportune, considering the potential claims on the property.

Responding to this new information, the Chairman, Mr Robbins, proposed an alternative resolution. He recommended that the Council should call on Mr Waller to reinstate the representative of the evicted tenant and offer the farm to the Purchase Commissioners. This adjustment aimed to address the potential claims from Mr David Staughton, ensuring a fair and transparent process.

Mr J. M. Donnell added weight to the Chairman’s proposal by affirming that Mr David Naughton was actively involved in efforts to reclaim his father’s farm. In light of this new understanding, Mr Coleman graciously amended his resolution in line with the Chairman’s suggestion.

The amended proposition, calling on Mr Waller to reinstate the representative of the evicted tenant and offer the farm to the Purchase Commissioners, received unanimous approval from the Limerick County Council. This decision reflects the council’s commitment to fairness, transparency, and ensuring that the distribution of valuable land resources benefits the community as a whole.

As this issue unfolds, it remains to be seen how Mr Waller will respond to the Council’s resolution and whether the Estates Commissioners and Purchase Commissioners will play a role in shaping the future of the Waller estate in Limerick.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 01 April 1912

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