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Tragedy Strikes Limerick as Lady Clarina Succumbs to Injuries from Carriage Accident |

Tragedy Strikes Limerick as Lady Clarina Succumbs to Injuries from Carriage Accident

Limerick, Ireland – In a sombre turn of events, the city of Limerick mourns the passing of Lady Sophia Mary Clarina, who met an untimely demise at a nursing home in Limerick City. The 67-year-old, hailing from Castlecrine, County Clare, and wife of Lord Clarina, the fifth Baron, succumbed to injuries sustained in a carriage accident that occurred in Limerick on Tuesday, the 22nd of the month.

The unfortunate incident transpired towards midnight on Thursday, marking a sorrowful end to Lady Clarina’s life. The fatal injuries from the carriage accident proved insurmountable, leading to her passing. The tight-knit community in Limerick is left in mourning, reflecting on the loss of a prominent figure with deep roots in the region.

Lady Clarina, born as Sophia Mary Butler, was the daughter of the late Mr James Butler of Castlecrine. Her connection to the region and her role as the wife of Lord Clarina made her a respected and well-known personality in local circles. Her passing leaves a void not only in her family but also in the wider community that held her in high regard.

The remains of Lady Clarina were discreetly transferred from the nursing home to Castlecrine, County Clare, in a private ceremony held last evening. The funeral arrangements are expected to be conducted with the dignity befitting her status, with friends, family, and well-wishers gathering to pay their final respects.

This tragic incident follows another sorrowful news as Lady Frances Hope, wife of Lord Francis Hope, passed away at Montreux yesterday morning. Lady Frances, married to Lord Francis Hope since 1904, was Olive Muriel, the daughter of the late Mr George Horatio Thompson, a prominent banker from Melbourne.

While the circumstances surrounding Lady Frances Hope’s passing were not detailed, her death adds to the collective grief felt by the community. The Hopes are a well-known family, with Lord Francis Hope being the younger brother and heir presumptive to the Duke of Newcastle.

As Limerick mourns the loss of two distinguished individuals, the city comes together to support the grieving families. The impact of these losses will undoubtedly be felt for a long time, with the memory of Lady Clarina and Lady Frances Hope enduring in the hearts of those who knew them. The community now faces the challenging task of coming to terms with the sudden departure of these beloved figures, finding solace in cherished memories and shared moments.

Dublin Daily Express – Saturday 31 August 1912

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