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Women of Limerick Express Discontent Towards Sinn Féin Volunteers |

Women of Limerick Express Discontent Towards Sinn Féin Volunteers

LIMERICK – Sinn Féin Volunteers arriving in Limerick from Cork faced a hostile reception from the local community, with little enthusiasm evident along their route. Despite being armed with rifles, the reception was notably subdued, with incidents of objects being thrown at them, and a few individuals sustaining minor injuries.

The most notable incident occurred on William Street, where a volunteer named Short, hailing from Dublin, was accused of firing two revolver shots. However, upon examination, the police found no evidence to support the claim.

While some minor skirmishes took place, primarily instigated by the wives and relatives of those present, overall, the atmosphere remained tense.

The reception underscores the growing discontent towards Sinn Féin Volunteers in Limerick, reflecting wider sentiments within the community. As tensions persist, it remains to be seen how authorities will address the underlying issues contributing to such hostilities.

Dublin Daily Express – Monday 24 May 1915

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