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Limerick Harbour Board Deliberates on Swivel Bridge Construction |

Limerick Harbour Board Deliberates on Swivel Bridge Construction

During the latest session of the Limerick Harbour Board, significant attention was directed towards a letter from the Board of Trade detailing the progress of work on the new swivel bridge spanning the Shannon at Sarsfield Street. The correspondence highlighted the poetical movement of the project, accompanied by a cautious approach towards expenditure.

The meeting adjourned with discussions revolving around the contractor’s engagement, particularly in light of the significant financial commitment involved, totalling over £12,000. The deliberations underscored the importance of meticulous planning and fiscal prudence in executing infrastructure projects of such magnitude.

Amidst the deliberations, stakeholders emphasised the need for transparent communication channels and adherence to established timelines to ensure the timely completion of the swivel bridge, a vital component of Limerick’s transportation infrastructure. The outcome of the meeting signals a commitment to judiciously manage resources while advancing crucial developments for the city’s benefit.

Irish Independent – Tuesday 01 June 1915

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