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Abbeyfeale Sergeant Faces Charges for Inadequate Response to Assault – Limerick Gazette

Abbeyfeale Sergeant Faces Charges for Inadequate Response to Assault

Abbeyfeale, Wednesday – Yesterday, a Court of Special Inquiry was held at Mountcollins Hut, located three miles from Abbeyfeale. District-Inspectors O’Hara of Limerick (President) and Cusack of Rathkeale convened the inquiry to investigate charges against Sergeant Maurice Roche of improper handling and reporting of an assault case in the district.

The charges against Sergeant Roche were brought on by District-Inspector Cruise of Abbeyfeale. Roche faced accusations of (1) failing to take proper action in connection with an assault that occurred in the district, and (2) failing to report the incident. District-Inspector Cruise provided evidence to support the accusations.

During the inquiry, Constables Neville, Cannon, and Corcoran were also examined to provide further insight into the incident. The assault case at the center of the charges against Sergeant Roche remains under investigation, with Abbeyfeale Petty Sessions continuing to assess the matter.

The outcome of this inquiry could have significant implications for Sergeant Roche’s future within the local constabulary, with concerns raised about the handling and knowledge of proper procedures among the ranks. Residents of Abbeyfeale await the results of the Special Inquiry, hoping for a resolution that ensures efficient and effective law enforcement is maintained in their community.