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Limerick Gazette – Page 60 – Sharing Our Memories

Mayor Alderman Joyce Re-Elected in Limerick

At the statutory meeting of the Limerick Corporation, Alderman Michael Joyce was unanimously re-elected as the Mayor of Limerick for the year 1906. The proceedings were marked by calmness and a lack of excitement, in contrast to previous elections where multiple candidates contested for the mayoral position. The meeting took… Read Full Article

Amusing Incident with Masks at Newcastle West Court

An amusing incident took place during the proceedings at the Quarter Sessions in Newcastle West, Limerick. The court was in the midst of hearing a claim for damages for alleged malicious injury when an unexpected twist brought about laughter from all present, as reported by the Irish Independent. The solicitor… Read Full Article

Limerick Guardians Adopt Policy of Non-Monetary Relief

The Limerick Guardians have taken a decisive stance regarding outdoor relief for the needy, opting to provide relief in kind rather than monetary aid. This policy shift comes with the intention of testing it for a duration of twelve months, potentially leading to its implementation in the future. The Guardians… Read Full Article

Annual Convention of Munster Council GAA: Resolutions and Re-Elections

The annual Convention of the Munster Council of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) took place in Limerick. Mr T. F. O’Sullivan, Chairman from Kerry, presided over the gathering. Delegates from various counties were in attendance, including Cork, Waterford, Tipperary, Clare, and Limerick. The initial proceedings included addressing financial matters. The… Read Full Article

Inquest Raises Concerns Regarding Arrest of Woman Named Curran

A recent inquest held at Tralee Prison has brought to light certain aspects of the arrest and subsequent events concerning a woman named Curran. The details revealed during the inquiry have raised questions that warrant attention, shedding light on the circumstances surrounding the incident. The woman in question, identified as… Read Full Article

Clounanna: Tribute to the Altcar of Ireland

In a spirited tribute to the idyllic Clounanna estate of Ireland, “Geoff,” a contributor to the columns of the Irish Independent, sheds light on this captivating preserve and the figures responsible for its preservation. Clounanna, spread across five thousand acres, stands as a testament to the efforts of those who… Read Full Article

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